Forsooth! Another quote for thine eyes to see!

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Forsooth! Another quote for thine eyes to see!

Post by jdllama »

[09:09:08] <JDllama> heh
[09:09:22] <JDllama> yes, I just used "heh" :)
[09:09:45] <Buttermaker> i don't blame you
[09:10:02] <JDllama> yeah you do
[09:10:06] <JDllama> you blame me
[09:10:17] <JDllama> because I'm the one that type h followed by e then another h
[09:10:43] <Barthax> I feel Buttermaker is justified in feeling blame should be apportioned.
[09:10:57] <Barthax> ;-)
[09:11:08] <JDllama> I disagree, the blame was not proportionately distributed
[09:11:44] <Barthax> It's proportion was equal to the displacement of it's vending parties.
[09:12:55] <JDllama> Yes, if you take into consideration of the number of people in here divided equally, then in your calculations, it's everyone's fault. However, I say nay!
[09:13:30] <Barthax> Yea, come hither. Thine thoughts be matchless in their bounds!
[09:13:37] <Barthax> their = thy
[09:14:08] <JDllama> Aye, verily, mine thoughts doth escapeth from mine mouth like an ass from a stockyard!
[09:14:53] <Barthax> Mine retort is but a drop in the dew of thy escapalogy!
[09:16:22] <JDllama> Aye, but thou doest not giveth thineself enough credit! Your witticisms are like drinking Ernest and Julio Gallio themselves!
[09:17:31] <Barthax> Thine vocablarisms yeild fruitless branches!
[09:17:57] <JDllama> OOOOOOOOOOH!!!!
[09:18:08] <JDllama> ROTFLMAO
[09:18:29] <Barthax> LOL
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Post by Buttermaker »

Disabling smilies would be good when quoting IRC conversations.
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