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Kitty Courses

Post by roncli »

Hey, it's rare we get stuff like this once in a day, let alone twice. :)

[12:58:16] <Gedrean> Hello Llama. Don't mind me I'm busy freezing kittens, and coming up with that comik
[12:58:57] <roncli> *perk* as in for dinner???
[12:59:15] <JDllama> mmmm, kittens....
[12:59:21] <roncli> Dammit I'm hungry now.
[12:59:25] <JDllama> I want me some frozen kittens
[12:59:30] <JDllama> either that, or some Chinese food
[12:59:34] <JDllama> (which is warmed up kittens)
[12:59:44] <roncli> Kitty Cordon Bleu... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
[12:59:56] <JDllama> General Meow
[13:00:09] <roncli> Szesuwan (sp?) cat!!!
[13:00:40] <JDllama> *DROOL*
[13:00:41] <roncli> Kitty Fingers... & Toes...
[13:00:45] <JDllama> Teriyaki Kitty
[13:00:52] <roncli> Oh yah baby...
[13:01:04] <JDllama> aw yeah
[13:03:12] <Gedrean> jesus... That's scary... I make a comment about kittens and it's liek they're all reading my mind. Must readjust my tinfoil hat.
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