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[23:37:55] <BBH> nah seriously, it's an awesome song too. DJ Taka can do no wrong
[23:39:34] <_Taz_> Yep. TaQ and DJ Taka need to get together and have some h0tt mansex and somehow make a child out of it.
[23:40:09] <BBH> well, Outphase is their "love child", so to speak, right?
[23:41:21] <_Taz_> No, that's just a teaser to make me play Road of TaQ all day.
[23:42:41] <_Taz_> I want hott mansex! I want DJ Taka smoking his cigarette while he's reaming TaQ! And then needing TWO after he's done because he just smokes that much!
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