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MAME 0.205 Game Changes

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:42 pm
by ***PL***

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*** new games
15lions           "15 Lions (10166211, Queensland)"
biliard           "New Biliard 98 (Pool 10 hack)"
ddrstraw          "Dance Dance Revolution Strawberry Shortcake"
eaglshotj         "Eagle Shot Golf (Japan, bootleg?)"
f1gpstar-de       "Grand Prix Star (ver 4.0) [Germany]"
f1gpstar-jp       "Grand Prix Star (ver 4.0) [Japan]"
f1gpstar-mc       "Grand Prix Star (ver 4.0) [Monaco]"
flsbeats          "Flash Beats"
fourplay          "Four Play"
galaxygnh         "Galaxy Gunners (1990 year hack)"
iganinjub         "Iga Ninjyutsuden (Japan, bootleg)"
jongshin          "Jong Shin (Japan)"
lohtb3            "Legend of Hero Tonma (World, bootleg with i8751)"
magipur           "Magic Purple"
masmario          "Super Mario Fushigi No Korokoro Party 2"
mchilliq          "More Chilli (20289311, Queensland)"
orchidmsnz        "Orchid Mist (0101241V, New Zealand)"
pastelis          "Pastel Island (Japan, prototype)"
pitfight1p2       "Pit Fighter (rev 1, 2 players)"
saltcrdi          "Pro Tele Cardioline (Salter Fitness Bike V.1.0, Checksum 02AB)"
sf2redp2          "Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Red Wave PtII, bootleg)"
sfex2p            "Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Euro 990611)"
sftmj114          "Street Fighter: The Movie (v1.14N, Japan)"
venom             "Venom & Spider-Man - Separation Anxiety (SNES bootleg)"
videight          "Video Eight"
werewildq         "Werewolf Wild (20290711, Queensland)"
wontame           "Won! Tertainment Happy Channel (Ver E)"

*** changed short
f1gpstar-de -> f1gpstar3-de  "Grand Prix Star (ver 3.0) [Germany]"
f1gpstar-jp -> f1gpstar3-jp  "Grand Prix Star (ver 3.0) [Japan]"
f1gpstar-mc -> f1gpstar3-mc  "Grand Prix Star (ver 3.0) [Monaco]"
f1gpstaro-de -> f1gpstar2-de "Grand Prix Star (ver 2.0) [Germany]"
f1gpstaro-jp -> f1gpstar2-jp "Grand Prix Star (ver 2.0) [Japan]"
f1gpstaro-mc -> f1gpstar2-mc "Grand Prix Star (ver 2.0) [Monaco]"
sfex2p -> sfex2pu            "Street Fighter EX2 Plus (USA 990611)"
sftmj -> sftmj112            "Street Fighter: The Movie (v1.12N, Japan)"

*** changed both
rushbeat -> rushbets         "Rushing Beat (SNES bootleg)" -> "Rushing Beat Shura (SNES bootleg)"