MAME 0.177 Game Changes

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MAME 0.177 Game Changes

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*** new games
agalleta          "Air Gallet (older, Europe)"
agalletah         "Air Gallet (older, Hong Kong)"
agalletaj         "Akuu Gallet (older, Japan)"
agalletak         "Air Gallet (older, Korea)"
agalletat         "Air Gallet (older, Taiwan)"
agalletau         "Air Gallet (older, USA)"
am_mg24a          "Multi Game I (unknown V2.4)"
amazonh2          "Amazon Hunt II (French)"
amazonh3          "Amazon Hunt III (French)"
amazonha          "Amazon Hunt (alternate set)"
apollo13_20       "Apollo 13 (2.03)"
apollo13_d4       "Apollo 13 (5.01, Display 4.01)"
arenaa            "Arena (alternate set)"
avalnc25          "The Key Of Avalon 2.5 - War of the Key (client) (Rev B) (GDT-0019B)"
avalns25          "The Key Of Avalon 2.5 - War of the Key (server) (Rev B) (GDT-0018B)"
batmanf1          "Batman Forever (1.02)"
batmanf2          "Batman Forever (2.02)"
bay_d300          "Baywatch (3.00 Dutch)"
bay_d400          "Baywatch (4.00 English)"
bigbat            "Big Bat (Bat game)"
bikerace          "Bike Race"
bikerace2         "Bike Race (2-ball play)"
bk2k_la2          "Black Knight 2000 (LA-2)"
bk2k_pa5          "Black Knight 2000 (PA-5)"
bk2k_pa7          "Black Knight 2000 (PA-7)"
bsktbllp          "Basket Ball"
bsv102            "Breakshot (1.2)"
casino5           "Casino Five (3315-02, U5-2B)"
centauri          "Centaur (Inder)"
centauri2         "Centaur (alternate set)"
champbasjb        "Champion Base Ball (Japan set 3)"
cmi2x             "CMI IIx"
cntinntl2         "Continental (Bingo, alternate version)"
cueball2          "Cue Ball Wizard (rev.2)"
cueball3          "Cue Ball Wizard (rev.3)"
cycln_l1          "Cyclone (L-1)"
dalejr            "Dale Jr. (5.00)"
deluxe4u          "Deluxe 4 U (ver. 0107, 07/01/2000)"
diner_l2          "Diner (L-2)"
dvlriderf         "Devil Riders (French speech)"
escmars           "Escape from Mars (bootleg of Lunar Rescue)"
fire_l2           "Fire! (L-2)"
fldragona         "Flash Dragon (alternate set)"
fw_a0_1           "Unknown Fun World A0-1 game"
fw_a7_11          "Unknown Fun World A7-11 game 1"
fw_a7_11a         "Unknown Fun World A7-11 game 2"
galpanise         "Gals Panic S - Extra Edition (Europe, set 2)"
glxplay2          "Galaxy Play 2"
gnr_300d          "Guns N Roses (3.00 Dutch)"
gnr_300f          "Guns N Roses (3.00 French)"
godzillp_090      "Godzilla (Pinball, 0.90)"
godzillp_100      "Godzilla (Pinball, 1.00)"
grand_l3          "Grand Lizard (L-3)"
gt98t302          "Golden Tee '98 Tournament (v3.02)"
gulfstrmk         "Gulf Storm (Korea)"
gundcb79          "Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card Builder (CDV-10010)"
gundcb79a         "Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card Builder Ver.2.02 (CDV-10024B)"
gundcb83          "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Card Builder (CDV-10030)"
gundcb83a         "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Card Builder Check Disk (CDV-10031)"
gundcb83b         "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Card Builder Ver.2.10 (CDV-10037B)"
hangonp           "Hang-On (Sonic)"
hook_401p         "Hook (4.01 with prototype sound)"
hypbl_l3          "HyperBall (L-3)"
id4f              "Independence Day (v2.02 France)"
id4f_201          "Independence Day (v2.01 France)"
intrgmes          "Unknown Inter Games poker"
iomoon            "Io Moon"
ironball          "Iron Balls"
jollycrda         "Jolly Card (Austrian, set 2)"
jolyjokrc         "Jolly Joker (Apple Time)"
jungsub           "Jungler (Subelectro, bootleg on Scramble hardware)"
kidnap            "Kidnap"
kiko_a10          "King Kong (1.0)"
kissp2            "Kiss (prototype v.2)"
lancelot          "Sir Lancelot"
lostspc_d1        "Lost in Space (1.01, Display 1.02)"
lostspcg          "Lost in Space (1.01 Germany)"
lw3_203           "Lethal Weapon 3 (2.03)"
lwar_a81          "Laser War (8.1)"
mac_1808          "Unknown Game (MAC #1808)"
macgalxy          "MAC's Galaxy"
macjungn          "MAC Jungle (New version)"
marspf            "Mars - God of War (French speech)"
mdchoice          "Dealer's Choice (E4A1)"
metamrpha         "Metamorphic Force (ver AAA)"
mntecrloa         "Monte Carlo (Pinball, alternate set)"
msdisco           "Miss Disco (Bingo)"
nbamac            "NBA MAC"
nzeroteama        "New Zero Team (V33 SYSTEM TYPE_B hardware, China?)"
outr2stj          "OutRun 2 Special Tours (Japan) (Rev A) (GDX-0011A)"
pb_l1             "Pin-Bot (L-1)"
petacon           "Petaco (new hardware)"
petacona          "Petaco (new hardware, alternate set)"
phntmshp          "Phantom Ship"
poto_a29          "The Phantom of the Opera (2.9)"
pstlpkr1          "Pistol Poker (R01)"
punchy3           "Punchy The Clown (R03)"
punkywil          "Punky Willy"
questofd          "Quest of D (CDV-10005C)"
ravena            "Raven (alternate set)"
redbarnp          "Red Baron (Pinball)"
ringball          "Ring & Ball (unknown title)"
robo_a30          "Robocop (3.0)"
rvrbt_p7          "Riverboat Gambler (PA-7)"
sag_bb4           "Select-A-Game: Baseball 4"
sag_pb            "Select-A-Game: Pinball"
sag_si2           "Select-A-Game: Space Invader 2"
shangonho-beg     "Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Japan, FD1094 317-0039) [Beginner]"
shangonho-exp     "Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Japan, FD1094 317-0039) [Expert]"
shangonho-jnr     "Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Japan, FD1094 317-0039) [Junior]"
shangonho-snr     "Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Japan, FD1094 317-0039) [Senior]"
snspares2         "Strikes n' Spares (rev.2)"
socrkinga         "Soccer Kings (alternate set)"
spacejam_200      "Space Jam (2.00)"
spcpnthr          "Space Panther"
spcteam           "Space Team"
spctrain          "Space Train (Pinball)"
sprbreaka         "Spring Break (alternate set)"
ssf2xj            "Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge (Japan 940311)"
sshtl_l3          "Space Shuttle (L-3)"
ssvc_a42          "Secret Service (4.2 alternate sound)"
startrp2          "Starship Troopers (2.00)"
stwr_106          "Star Wars (1.06)"
swrds_l1          "Swords of Fury (L-1)"
taxi_lu1          "Taxi (Marilyn) (LU-1)"
taxi_p5           "Taxi (P-5)"
term2lg1          "Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (rev LG1 11/04/91)"
thndrman          "Thunder Man"
tmac_g18          "Time Machine (1.8, Germany)"
tmntub            "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version H)"
tnzsuo            "The NewZealand Story (US, old version) (older PCB)"
tomy_102          "The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard (1.02)"
torp_a16          "Torpedo Alley (1.6)"
trek_117          "Star Trek 25th Anniversary (1.17)"
triplaya          "Chicago Cubs' Triple Play (alternate set)"
v1                "V.1"
vcop3             "Virtua Cop 3 (Rev B) (GDX-0003B)"
vgmplay           "VGM player"
viprsega_102      "Viper Night Drivin' (1.02)"
vis               "Video Information System MD-2500"
vlcno_1c          "Volcano (Sound Only set 1)"
walkyria          "Walkyria"
wangmid2ja        "Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 (Japan) (Rev A) (GDX-0015A)"
wangmidj          "Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune (Japan) (Rev B) (GDX-0008B)"
wldtexas          "Wild Texas"
wrldtour3         "Al's Garage Band Goes On A World Tour (R06a)"
xfiles20          "X-Files (2.00)"

*** changed short
casino5 -> casino5a          "Casino Five (3315-02, U5-0)"
cshootere -> cshooter        "Cross Shooter (Single PCB)"
metamrpha -> metamrphe       "Metamorphic Force (ver EAA - alternate)"
ssf2xj -> ssf2xjr1           "Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge (Japan 940223)"
ssf2xjd -> ssf2xjr1d         "Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge (Japan 940223 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)"
ssf2xjr -> ssf2xjr1r         "Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge (Japan 940223 rent version)"
vcop3 -> vcop3a              "Virtua Cop 3 (Rev A) (GDX-0003A)"

*** changed both
cshooter -> cshootert        "Cross Shooter (not encrypted)" -> "Cross Shooter (2 PCB Stack)"
LOTS of MPU4 games

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