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Postby giro-X » Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:49 pm

As I saw this game suddenly popping up in the recent uploads... oh cool, sentence-to-fill game in Italian, let's test it out just for fun
aaand I believe it has to be archived, the question are not sorted randomly.
Almost, but I actually believe they depend on your score, or tries, and the first question is always the same.
I provided you a sample replay where I guessed the first three sentences (but I could go ahead, over and over, endlessly) almost without any letter on the screen. I just had to memorize a sequence of choices. "coin button4 button4" "L solve S I R A C U" "button4" "U E solve O D A C R H I N S" "button4" "D solve E L O Y A P R N S G" (this is the ideal path for maximizing score on first 3, because yeah, the wheel of scores for letter is not random as well). You can repeat this again and get my same result.

WolfMAME 0.175 to playback this sample.
That's quite a pity, for me, I know the cities of my country and a bit of old songs... patience.
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Re: findout

Postby Kale » Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:34 pm

This is basically mahjong / quiz game except with no RNG.
Please archive.
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