Sega Tetris. Suggested special rules.

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Sega Tetris. Suggested special rules.

Post by _Zaphod_ » Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:46 am

Three reasonable, and very different scoring tracks can be used.

1) Break max score ties by lines counter, higher wins. if that is tied as well, break ties by game length, shorter wins.
2) Break max score ties by lines cleared, lower number wins. this is your test of bravo ability. The player who abuses the poweron pattern best will win. Theoretical perfect play is probably not known yet. as soon as you max it out, game over yourself.
3) Same as track 2, but no bravos allowed. if you score a bravo you are disqualified. the more tetrises you score, the better your performance. as soon as you max it out, game over.

I believe track 2 is closest to how it is currently scored, but all three tracks are interesting, and i think each should be used on a version.

Also note that the B system version of sega tetris has a different poweron pattern, which has not been studied as well as the system 16 version. Because of this i recommend track 2 be used for it.

And note that only track 3 may invalidate existing scores. tracks 1 and 2 can be used with existing scores.

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