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Re: TK2012 / PP

Postby simpsons99 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:23 am

let me get this so i completely understand it .. They are being able to move games from name to name ..

Seems to be only interested in moving first places from name to name.. How is this fair to everyone else here ?
I am sure if i did this my account would be gone quick.
Come on really lets just get this over with .
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Re: TK2012 / PP

Postby RAX » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:58 am

Do whatever you want: ban both, ban one, ban the other, merge, remove credentials, but please do something.
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Re: TK2012 / PP

Postby giro-X » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:52 pm

I can't believe we are still discussing over this.
We don't really care much either if TK and PP are the same person or two <very ironic but still polite>"cunning in a very similar way" guys</very ironic>, or if there is strong proof or strong belief.
On the internet you can't really have much unbreakable evidence about two accounts being same person or not, if you give credit to theories provided directly by the involved users to justify themselves and do not consider as sufficient suspicious proof like public behaviour and IP sharing... that's what we are discussing about? Anyone can act in suspicious ways and no administrator does anything because "oh well who cares about evidence, it's not solid enough"?
They did broke rules, both. Replays going from an account to the other has given even more evidence, for the very least one account should be banned, and I don't see why there should be allowed time to move them. Kindness? Especially after all the trouble he/they gave us? Do we let him/them stall in the eventuality we stop caring? If he loses replays because of a ban, it's just a (deserved) consequence of his actions, even though I personally don't believe that a person with such obsession would be too naive to not have them saved on HDD.

This topic has become utterly ridicolous.
Of course, there's no much practical change if one of those accounts is still allowed to submit, this is being ridicolous on the management. I would have done a similar protest like BeeJay's when I first heard about it, but on the downside this is the only* place where people would notice my/our progress when it comes (and viceversa), that's the only reason that is holding me on. And I guess some others as well.
* yes it is.

I didn't say anything in months about this because, srsly, if this is the only thing we're talking about in forums...
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