[K9] Round 2 - Go Go! Mile Smile (gogomile)

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Re: [K9] Round 2 - Go Go! Mile Smile (gogomile)

Post by TRB_MetroidTeam » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:15 am

These 4 recordings are not valid, however none will affect the results:

- luy_br - 702,740 (lower than 95% speed) - opponent score is higher (Dax 856280);
- shadowbringer - 590,440 (after deadline) - A draw here! Shadowbringer advances because he was better than Gurk in Round 1;
- giv - 568,260 (after deadline) - his previous score (547140) was a bit better than AGODZILLA@AIVA's score (542920);
- coffeejoerx - 184,440 (after deadline) - opponent score is higher (The_Pro 375440).

Special note about the Time Left link, if it says "until" it means you have time before the deadline. If it says "since" (and increase the time counter) it's because the time is OVER! Use the reference of GMT 0:00.

A lot of very good scores, and highlight to essekappa and his all clear run! Congratulations!
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