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Postby tar » Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:01 pm

Diablo was a p.c. release in '98 by blizzard entertainment
i got a copy of it on cd from my older brother and played it that same year or in '99.
it took a few months or so... made it to the final stage with the sage or wizard character,
and had to start all over again near the end of the game 'cause i could'nt find the last freakin' boss!! (diablo)
kinda plays like a cross between cadash 1989 by taito and alien syndrome '87 by sega. with some final fantasy 1 and 2 thrown in from 1992 and '91 snes.uses the p.c. mouse which is pretty cool
so fast forward to the present 2014 and coming this september 24? on playstation 4 [never even tried PS3 yet not ps2 either- can't get the emulator working, geeze i am about 15 years behind technology maybee only 10). and it is
the third installment of the series . i discovered this from sattlelight t.v. (direct t.v.] since i quit drinking and smoking i have become interesed in some things like normal people again. so check out the diference between the two styles it is like the differnce between the stand-up pac-man arcade game, and the cartoon of pac-man on saturday mornings.
what do you guys think of the virtual reallity of recent video games and the exponentional increase of silicon based technology in general?
this is the one I played
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Re: comparison

Postby tar » Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:52 am

just a correction to make, a few acknowladgements and whatnot.
in the same vein as gameby 9's thread from 2010 about xbox games i want to compare some more games to the actual experience of playing Diablo and perhaps shed some light on what no. 3 in the series actually could be like or about.
i miss LN2 's long expositions on topics
not final fantasy 1 & 2
i intended to state FF2 & FF3 which came out in 1991 and 1994 for super nes
it almost is exactlly like no.3 in that the devil comes down out of heaven and you have an epic battle ensuing therein (whatched my brother Jim play this back in the day along with Super Metroid , Populous ) then like now we played alot of videogames
another title is Lightbringer 1991 on M.A.M.E
great replay by Mahlemiut 900k +
Skelaton Krew '95 Sega genisis (owned this one)
Dungeon Explorer '89 for TG-16 (had the hu-card)
drakkhen ' 91 snes (weird sort of but classic) gotta love it
Final Fantasy 3 for gameboy 1993 (completly different from the snes version)
remember getting the Supergameboy back in '94? you could plug you GB cartridge pak 's into snes console Zelda( Link's Awakening) looked great
watched someone beat zelda on Wii a couple of years ago... i was stunned -
younger than me half my age, his reflexes were right on.
Breath of fire 1, 2 , 3 snes solved 2 a couple of times 1 once (never played the 3rd one) CAPCOM like lightbinger .
Castlevania Symphony of the night by Konami PS1
castlevania 1,2,3 nes
(solved it with the walk-thru last year funny in places)
Shadowtower PS1 (got mostly thru it stuck 4/5 the way in)
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Re: comparison

Postby Chad » Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:18 pm

cool to hear what comparisons will reveal, wondering if there will ever be a wizardry modern companion. I never played diablo so I can't comment there. But I'm sure there will be network co-op and co-against play with diablo making that significantly different than the original campaign only versions.

I've played many need for speed games and the most significant difference is the resolution and colors of how to make faster look more realistic.
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Re: comparison

Postby BeeJay » Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:03 pm

What I'd really like to see is another instalment of the Banjo Kazooie franchise on the newer consoles. Not that stupid Nuts & Bolts but a massively large 3D puzzle platformer that continues in the same vein as Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie on the N64 and the recent Xbox360 remake of the games. :)

I have fond memories of the hours it took to fully complete the original game back when we had an N64 console given to our kids by the neighbours after they had upgraded to an xBox and no longer needed/wanted the N64.

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