HARP Championships

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HARP Championships

Post by gameboy9 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:04 am

Hey folks,
I'm running a championship over at my site, the Home Action Replay Page(HARP), which will decide who is the best on the console side of things. Basically, you would try to survive some particular four-person double-elimination bracket (so you're guaranteed at least two rounds), then you would try to defeat your remaining opponents in a "best of two" (percentage scoring) series.

Games will be selected by you, at random... very similar to the MARP tournament which just concluded... except in the "best of two" format, in which case games will be selected directly from your list if you make it there.

You can look at the rules here: http://wiki.homeactionreplay.org/index. ... mpionships
New to HARP? Register using this link: http://www.homeactionreplay.org/newuser.php
Finally, you can register for the tournament using this link: http://www.homeactionreplay.org/editregister.php

Since you have to submit a recording in order to use the forums (security/spamming concerns), you can let me know your game choices on this thread.

I hope you'll be interested in trying something new (again, in the case of time trialers :) ) and join us to see who's the best on the home consoles!
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