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Xbox Indie Games

Post by gameboy9 » Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:38 am

Hey folks...
Just wanted to discuss some other cool indie games I've run into recently:

- Motorheat, from Milkstone Studios, is a lot like Outrun, except you just keep going and going and going until the time runs out. Oh yeah, and there are no brakes, just boost. :)
- Breath Of Death VII: Humorous NES-style JRPG from Zeboyd Games. They will soon be coming out with a similar JRPG, this time SNES-style, called Cthulhu Saves The World, sometime this month. (projected)
- Decimination X3, from Xona Games, is a lot like Space Invaders... except it's Bullet Hell. :)
- Score Rush, also from Xona Games, is a more traditional bullet hell shump game.
- Pretty much any game by Radiangames is a winner. But my favorites are Crossfire (Space Invaders-like) and Fireball (a lot like Geometry Wars' Pacifism mode). I'm looking forward to seeing Crossfire 2 this month (also projected)!
- Finally, Epic Dungeon, from Eyehook, seems to be a winner as well. One of those "netHack" RPG games where everything is random.

I believe all of these games can be picked up for 80 MS points, ($1 USD) save the upcoming Cthulhu, I think that will be 240 MS points. ($3 USD) Any other interesting indie games you've run into?
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