How to View INP?

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How to View INP?

Post by francoisadt1 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:12 am


I post this on behalf of someone else.

Original post here on TG: ... w-question

I need to know how to watch inp settings like dip switches and service mode options on a regular official mame
inp recording

i read this post : ... tion-guide

but it does'nt work on mine because when i try it the command line says direct3d renderer is not supported on my video card (which i don't have any by the way). I am using "emuloader" frontend to being able to open command line mame so how can I use INP VIEW using a frontend?

Additional question added:
To fix command line execution: What will cause the "direct3d rendering error"?

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Re: How to View INP?

Post by mahlemiut » Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:23 pm

How is it being run otherwise, such that options are set differently?

You could try other renderer backends, either -video opengl or -video bgfx
BGFX itself supports various graphic APIs, via the -bgfx_backend option, either d3d9 (Windows only), d3d11 (Windows only), opengl, gles, metal (OS X only), and in the last few versions of MAME, vulkan.
Vulkan or D3D11 should perform the best (although that's not my experience, also on an integrated GPU).
- Barry Rodewald
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