Updating the MARP site

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Updating the MARP site

Post by sikraiken » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:47 am

I know MARP isn't too active nowadays, but I feel the current site design is partially responsible for not attracting new people. Also, there are a number of pages that haven't been updated in a while, and some links don't even work at all. Barry has been keeping WolfMAME updated, and Pat has been keeping the game list updated. Other than that, who is currently responsible for what? Is it possible that I could help (if it's welcomed)?

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Re: Updating the MARP site

Post by ***PL*** » Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:19 pm

Thank you for your offer to help. I think a good idea would be to make a list of things that need to be addressed and then divide the work amongst those interested in keeping this site running smoothly. Perhaps it is time to look at the editors and their MARP responsibilities now and going forward.

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Re: Updating the MARP site

Post by Kale » Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:41 am

We may start by exporting the inp/games/players database to something modern. Don't know if using API is more convenient timing-wise than just scraping the site, prolly not since it's a trivial format to parse anyway.

While doing this we can thinking about how the new site should be, UX and features as top priority.

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Re: Updating the MARP site

Post by francoisadt1 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:20 am


I think we should think about pros / cons for the solution architecture/design and not just export the file system to a DB and then the links
is not working.

It is nothing wrong with a file system below a web page if the file system downloads / uploads volumes are low.
Also when using a database, all can get lost if you do not have backups in the propierty format of the DB.
Benefit of file system is making copy/backup is straightforward.

So one can look at hybrid (DB, file) also.

I think back ends like file information (like the .INPs) is not the issue here but the user experience browsing (front end), searching and comparing scores and seeing list of scores per gamer.

The UXP on top of the information is possibly the modernization that will just pull the info from where it exist today.

Another aspect is backward compatibility of links to .INPs were posted in multiple forums here and outside of MARP.
The mentioning of API above for querying information: this mean MARP API must resolve backward compatibility
so that browsing sites; the "old site" vs "transition site" vs "target site" are seamless.

Also reporting/news of CAG tournaments and Arcade Festivals not hosted by MARP would also be welcome .
i.e. MGL on TG site (Using MAME roms),

What makes a site stand out is:
- information is easy to read/accessible
- customer experience browsing is very positive
- having feedback loops in information the user is looking for or topics of threads subscribed too

Also bear in mind nice FE cost money to run and maintain. So KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) [Acronym used by US Navy some time back)

I think a simplified FE without too many flashiness would be a start and not going for a full blown dynamic code magic all over the place.

It is like making a cake,
start with functional version of what you want /need:
the muffin first
then the mini-cake,
then the medium size
then if needed, bigger version and so on.......

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Re: Updating the MARP site

Post by TER » Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:43 pm

Do we need more supporting resources? Like for confirms? I can help with that. I may regret offering... :|

Also for finding things like scoreboards that need to me moved due to set renames. Or finding when important defaults change (do we care about that?). I already have my eyes open for them things...

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Re: Updating the MARP site

Post by Despatche » Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:14 pm

The actual basic look of the website is good. Please don't ever change that. We don't need rounded buttons and silly animations on every action.

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