Importance of MARP Olympics and other MARP Championships

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Button Masher
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Importance of MARP Olympics and other MARP Championships

Post by el_fumador » Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:21 am

I have read the topics about MARP Olympiads section and I have realized that no much activity has happened the last years. Sincerelly, I don´t understand the reason. For me, the Mame Olympics should
have the same importance than the Mame Knockout Championships. I explain my point of view.
The MARP Olympiads give the players the opportunity to represent their country and compete as a team. This fact should be enough to awake the competitive spirit of a lot of "asleep" players. Individual
challenges are exciting but team challenges are even more exciting.
There is a group of countries with very good players in their bands and it would be quite interesting to reactivate a competition with all these skilled players competing for the same target.
I know at least 4 or 5 five countries that could join a strong and numerous team. The only question is how to motivate them. :-k
Furthermore, I have seen that in past Mame Olympiads it was possible to form a team with members of different countries. That should be a big advantage to form other new teams if a country doesn't count with the minimum required players.
I hope we can enjoy a competition like that someday. Next year is an Olympic year... perhaps it's a perfect excuse to organize a very important tournament. [-o<

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Re: Importance of MARP Olympics and other MARP Championships

Post by gameboy9 » Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:53 pm

Well, I'm going to list my full plans for the Olympiad sometime in July... but we're going back to the roots of the first MAME Olympiad and everybody just plays for their country. Might do something if there's only one person in a country and I see something where they could meld together, or we can play by continent, but the 3rd Olympiad, which should be... maybe... 8/15-9/15... maybe 8/8-9/8, will have a lot of rules that will carry over from the first Olympiad. So anybody can coordinate games, but I'll put in something where you can only coordinate four games max and you can't participate in a game you're coordinating. Stuff like that.

Hopefully we'll match the 61 player, 19 country output we had from the first Olympiad.
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