TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

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TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

Post by RAX » Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:22 pm

So TimeTrial 2013 it's finally arrived to the end. It was my first tournament coordination here, I hope you enjoyed it.

Well, if someone would have told me that a player could collect almost 100% (actually 96%) of the theoric top score on a 5 games run......
What can I say, TRB_MetroidTeam crushed this tournament. Four 1st and a 2nd place. =D>
Sorry TRB, with five 1st places you would have seen the hidden stage ( ;) lol)
Krj rises to a powerful 2nd place, happy to see another strong player here on MARP.
And SFChampion takes the 3rd place.

I'll try to summarize my thoughts about this experience.
First of all, I do love speedruns. In my opinion they give their best in platform games, sometimes on shooting: in fact when I run for TT coordination my first ideas where Pitfall2 and Outzone. Then I explored my memory to find suitable games of other genres, all games I really enjoyed playing with.
I know that not all of you liked my choices, but think about this: you really risked a 100% platform tournament ;)

Outzone have made me fear to have exceeded in difficulty: yes, when you finally get that purple ball it becomes easier, but I've never run all the game without taking a pause, or leeching a bit, before now. Perhaps a 5 stages goal would have been enough, but a game like this deserves a complete speedrun. Even if in a week it's impossible to obtain a perfect time, I'm pretty satisfied of the result.

Pitfall2, the best speedrun of the tournament. You all guys found so many little things to gain frames here and there, that seeing them all together in a single run makes me really happy.

Power Drift, a hard challenge for you (and me). I've been in doubt until the beginning of its week if really use it, or switch to my second driving choice. But I always found it so funny (on real arcade) that I put apart my fears for technical possible problems like configuration setup or awful nvram risks. The only bad thing was the extra-stage thing, too many times I missed it for a little error in a prevous stage, this could have been nasty.

The King Of Dragons, pretty easy goal to strenghten time-cutting efforts. These kind of games usually aren't so oriented to speedrunning, because you can't avoid enemies, only kill them all faster. This one is quite easy (comparing to other games of the genre, like FinalFight or Knights of the Round): I could have put a 1CC goal, but it wouldn't have been a good time trial challenge anymore. Anyway this is another game that deserves a complete speedrun, so I hope someone will like to run it to its end.

Pacmania. After an easy game, a rather difficult one, at least when grey ghosts starts to jump around. Man, I do suck in these maze games. Perhaps the less speedrun-able of the group, but at least I found a nice maze that didn't give space to repetitive patterns.

It has been a long work for me, and fortunately I didn't have too many strange/unexpected things to take care of.
I really liked this tournament, THANK-YOU to all the players that joined-in! =D>


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Pos. PLAYER            TOTAL       Out Zone     Pitfall II    POWER DRIFT       KOD        PACMANIA
 1 - TRB_MetroidTeam   120            25            25            25            20            25
 2 - Krj                75            13            16            20            16            10
 3 - SFCHAMPION         58             4             9             7            25            13
 4 - Giro-x             53            16             8             8            13             8
 5 - TheBSM             44             0             0            13            11            20
 6 - Paulo Valmir       39             8            20            11             0             0
 7 - Shahbaz            36             7            10             9            10             0
 8 - CrazyKongFan       35             0             7             4             8            16
 9 - DaLar              32             0             2            10             9            11
10 - Franco Benedetti   24            11            13             0             0             0
10 - nii-san            24            20             4             0             0             0
12 - Kernzy             23             6             1            16             0             0
13 - Agodzilla          20             1             5             5             0             9
14 - Beejay             16             5            11             0             0             0
15 - nibbler69          12             0             6             6             0             0
16 - Chrono256          10            10             0             0             0             0
17 - Sawys               9             9             0             0             0             0
18 - Colman Paolo        5             2             3             0             0             0
19 - BDFil               3             3             0             0             0             0
20 - Phil Lamat          0             0             0             0             0             0

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Re: TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

Post by giro-X » Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:03 am

I'm sorry for not being that active in the weeks after the first, too long to explain why. For playing the time I've played, I'm satisfied enough with my final position :)

Congratulations to the first three! :D
(And a particular mention to SFCHAMPION who was able to prevent TRB from taking a 125/125 score :mrgreen: )

And yep, I enjoyed how the time trial has come out. Thumbs up for RAX!

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Button Masher
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Re: TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

Post by Krj » Sun Dec 01, 2013 7:11 am

It was a great tournament
Congratulations to us all =D> =D>

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Button Masher
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Re: TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

Post by SFCHAMPION » Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:33 pm

WOW ! Is a Honor for me to take the 3rd place among all those skilled players :)

Great tournament !

See you next game ;)

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Button Masher
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Re: TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

Post by franco.benedetti » Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:44 pm

it has been a very nice tourney, only two things were not that nice:

trb killed the tournament way too soon :-) and i'm not that good in speedruns :-(

big thank to RAX (which is a great organizer, no big surprise here, eheh)
and, again, lots of congrats to all players, above all TRB, the newcomer KRJ and a very good SFC

see ya all guys

Paulo Valmir
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Button Slapper
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Re: TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

Post by Paulo Valmir » Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:15 pm

Congratulations TRB_MetroidTeam friend, the Brazilian head

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Re: TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

Post by Shahbaz » Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:08 am

Hmmmm... me also not good in Time Trial or i had no time. By the way, that was very good tournament by RAX i enjoyed it as my first time.

And congratulations to the WINNERS specialy TRB ... =D>

Now i have to reclaim my Flashgal record, I love this multi actions game. Little similar to Atomic Runner (Chelnov).

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Re: TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

Post by TRB_MetroidTeam » Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:02 pm

Hi! Thanks everyone! Well played guys! Mainly KRJ and SFCHAMPION. Also Paulo Valmir, and let's not forget nii-san (that played only 1 round, but that was very good, really).

Special congratulations to RAX. Excellent game selection and all the rest!

See you my friends!
Valter "TRB" - The Real Battle
Metroid Team, from Brazil
Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2 world champions

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Button Masher
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Re: TimeTrial 2013 - Final Results

Post by nii-san » Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:20 am

Congratulations to the Winners.
RAX has done an excellent job.
Sorry I have played the last 3 games.
TRB, you're very good at all games. Thanks for your words.

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