Time Trial 2005 ideas...

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Time Trial 2005 ideas...

Post by gameboy9 » Sun Nov 21, 2004 9:42 pm

As I'm the only Time Trial nominee, I'm going to post about next year's ideas now.

I think I want to do a straight TG Decatholon style. We vote for ten games, each vote counts one, then we play the top ten games for 45 days (+/-) only. (to account for an EXTREMELY busy schedule next year!)

To discourage vote leeching, however, if 2/3 of the people (minus the people charged) who voted decide that a group is vote leeching, all involved voters' 10 votes (even if some of the 10 weren't leeching) will be cancelled. This should discourage it without people gaining competitive advantages... as 2/3 is always tough to achieve.

As for scoring... I guess we can't do percentages as in a normal decatholon... I'll figure out scoring later.
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