The future of the time trials... what say ye?

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What say ye of the future of time trials?

Continue as is
The regulation play option... sort of.
No votes
All of the above
None of the above
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Other (please state on board)
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The future of the time trials... what say ye?

Postby gameboy9 » Wed Jun 02, 2004 7:34 pm

So... I'm thinking up some ideas and came up with this poll. Go ahead, make a vote, then I'll figure out what to do after that. (ah... the freedoms of a non-regulation play event... :) ) Including reasoning with your vote is a plus. Ummm... here they are! :)

1. We can keep things like they are... resuming the time trails July 1
2. I'm thinking making it a LOT like regulation play. Here's the thought:
Anybody can issue a challenge instead of what we were doing. Unlimited challenges for anybody to issue. (So QRS, for example, can plow up 50 challenges at once...) Although, I say it's a good idea to keep the challenges spread out.

But yeah, guess we'd have a separate leaderboard... like 20-10-6-3-1 or something like that.

3. Both of the above
4. None of the above (therefore terminiating the time trials)
5. Other

There is no time limit... but I could decide anytime... but I'll be reasonable about it. :)
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