WCC9 week 1 : JMPBREAK

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WCC9 week 1 : JMPBREAK

Post by Phil Lamat » Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:05 pm

First game is an arkanoid-like : Jumping Break.
Main addition is that you must jump to catch the options.
Believe me, it can be very dangerous ...
Pleasant game, some stages are hard (stage 12 for example) so you shouldn't exceed 15-20 minutes for a play I think.
You have a big boss to kill on stages 10, 20 etc

Score isn't displayed in hof (bug ?) so you will have to take a screenshot.
You will have to mention last stage reached in the desc box

Bonus points :
+1 for the one reaching the highest stage (strong probability to be different than higher score : you can attach here if it doesn't match with your better score).
In case of tie(s) first uploaded win the point

+2 if you kill boss of stage 20
+4 if you kill boss of stage 30
+6 if you kill boss of stage 40

Tips :
Each stage has a secret room (break the walls with arrows) where you can earn more points, especially a special gift (value = 10.000 pts).
Sometimes in secret room you can also find an extra life (there's usually one in secret room of stage 3).
And you will get an extra life if you reach 100.000 pts

Good luck !

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