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Phil Lamat
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Re: WCC8 week 1 : DIMAHOO

Post by Phil Lamat » Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:18 am

Your score of 1.143.720 would put you in 10th place (so no LB pts, you have to be in the top6, tha's Formula1 system).
But your input wasn't good for WCC, I have moved it to "dimahoou" with comment :
[uploaded as "dimahoo", but what was "dimahoo" under m106 became "dimahoou" from m119 ; you must use m119 or later to play actual "dimahoo" -- PhL]

That would be cool if you take time to read rules before, all this was explained in "special rules" (and also in the beginning of this thread).
And more than all I would appreciate if you dare to read rules for soccer games and apply Marp scoring, I'm bored to edit your scores.

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