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Viewing a recording

Postby ByrGuy » Mon Dec 31, 2001 12:30 pm

I'm trying to play some recordings of INP files. My MAME version is MAME32b-037b9. I want to replay recordings made in m35tg3 and m35tg3b can anyone help me please? I got the playback batch file but it doesn't seem to work. I have Windows 98. I opened Windows Explorer and from the MAME directory, clicked "RUN" , then typed "playback Burgertime btime" and all that came up was an MS DOS window showing playback ran and did nothing. Do I need a newer version of MAME?


Postby J.D. Lowe » Mon Dec 31, 2001 12:30 pm

Hey BryGuy, it's J.D. Lowe yet again :) I'll handle this one, guys.

For the 35tg3b games, you're going to need to do a couple of things.
First, downgrade your MAME to .35 for the time being (or just make a
new folder for .35). Then, download TG MAME .35 here:



and unzip it over the .35 you already have. There ya go, there's
m35tg3b set up.


(BTW, this is all assuming that this is DOS; to do MAME32, still
downgrade to .35, but download this instead: )


Now, make sure you have the inp you want to watch within the inps
folder, and make sure you've got the roms set up all nice and pretty
and such. Then play back however you can (probably with help from
MARP's help files), and enjoy.


I look forward to seeing a Burger Time score from ya :) Don't forget
the contact info I gave ya if you still need a little help.


- J.D.

J.D. Lowe

Postby Olivier Millardet » Sat Feb 09, 2002 12:30 pm

hello I recorded a .inp score that was the BEST score on marp with an old
mame version (0.36B3). When I submitted the recording,no one could
play it back with the good score. So I was erased from the scoreboard
Anyway, I KNOW that I did this score... I have the inp file but I
can't read it again... Is there a program that can read ANY inp file
of any version ???


Thanks for your answers (and sorry for my english)

Olivier Millardet

Postby Guest » Tue Feb 12, 2002 12:30 pm


the recording is probably extractable, but if it was deleted or
zereod it WAS played back with the mame version you specified and if
everyone can't playback a recording with the settings and mame
version specified by the uploader there is no use for that recording
OR that score at marp.


there is no mame version that playsback all inp files, most of the
time you must use the same mame version you recorded with. please
try again with a later version of mame, perhaps it will playback for
everyone this time....


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