what is the key code for majoras mask

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simon martin
what is the key code for majoras mask

Post by simon martin » Sat Jul 14, 2001 12:30 pm

what is the key code for zelda majoras mask


Joe Ledesma

Post by Joe Ledesma » Sat Jul 14, 2001 12:30 pm

Tell me where you are in the game so I can help you, as I don't know
where you are talking about.


kate hartmann

Post by kate hartmann » Tue Oct 16, 2001 12:30 pm

I am in the part of woodfall temple and I have to save the pricess
what do I do?



Post by jeger » Tue Feb 12, 2002 12:30 pm

First u have to find the heros bow its in one of the dungens. Then
u have to fight the big monster. The one on the map that looks like a
scull. And then u will fall in front of the princess put here in a
bottle and take her to the palace. You can also get the mask of
scent. When you go into the palace and give the princess the butler
will tell to go to the shrine.when u first get off the boat and go
into the palace door go to yourleft and u will find the shrine and
then follow the butler to find the mask of scent it helps you find
the mushrooms in the woods of mystry.there u can get the mushroom and
give to the potion guy and he will make the blue potion. He will give
u the first potion for free.