Still troubled by Kung Fu Master!

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Glenn Twiddle
Still troubled by Kung Fu Master!

Post by Glenn Twiddle » Thu Nov 23, 2000 12:30 pm

Well, thanks to the guys who responded, still not able to kill the wizardy dudes on level 4, i kick off their heads many times and their energy stays at full. Tried to view the mame 35 marp recording but cant find data east rom, any help how to kill the wizards. Thanks,
Homer. (by the way, I'm a Mr Do man myself.)



Post by AL » Thu Nov 23, 2000 12:30 pm

Brian McLean

Post by Brian McLean » Thu Nov 23, 2000 12:30 pm

The fourth boss is a serious pain, and to my knowledge there hasn't
been a foolproof method found of beating him. The best way I've
seen/used is to lure the boss back until he won't walk to the left
anymore. Walk back to the right and he should conjure a double behind
you. If the wizard and his double match your movements as you walk to
the right after that, you're in business (and if I remember he does
so quite often, if not 100%). Dodge what they throw at you as you
walk to the right, and when you've pinned the right wizard against
the stairs you can kneel and punch quickly. He disappears and
reappears, but he can't go anywhere because of the stairs so he's
dead in a few seconds.


As you noted, kicking off their heads does nothing to them. You have
to use low attacks to damage this particular boss. This method is
hardly foolproof, but it works often enough to be better than rushing
in and attacking. Hope it helps.


Brian McLean


Richy Cream

Post by Richy Cream » Fri Nov 24, 2000 12:30 pm

Duck and punch. Thats the key to that boss if i remember correctly.


Royal Slik

Post by Royal Slik » Sat Feb 23, 2002 12:30 pm

Run up towardss him, jump into him, back off a little and then duck
and punch him repeatedly until he dies.


Does anyone know how to kill the last boss? I can not do it. I get
him 2 or three tims, and then I get stuck in a rut, where I'm kicking
and the boss is just warding off everything. Whenever I try to create
space by turing around, he smashes me. Any tips on winning?