crush clone renames at 0.178

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crush clone renames at 0.178

Post by TER » Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:36 pm

Howdy, not sure if this is the best place, apologies if not. Anyhoo, according to MAMEINFO.DAT...

- 0.178: MASH added clone Crush Roller (set 3). Changed description of clones (set 3) to 'Crush Roller (set 4)' and (set 4) to 'Crush Roller (set 5)'. Renamed (crush4) to (crush5) and (crush3) to (crush4).

So aside from my stupid 10 point submission in crush5 (which I intended simply to highlight these renames but admit that it may just be an annoyance and should be deleted), it looks like all other scores can simply be moved, leaving the crush3 scoreboard empty.


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