snpb - megazone - 14270

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snpb - megazone - 14270

Post by giro-X » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:28 pm ...

Claimed "megazone" as romset, it actually should be moved to megazonei, since (wolf?)mame 0.103 used.
Reading from mameinfo.dat
- 0.189: Corrado Tomaselli and The Dumping Union added Mega Zone (program code L). Added new 74LS259 device [AJR]. Changed I8039 CPU3 clock speed to 7159090 Hz and AY-3-8910A sound to 1789772 Hz. Changed (Konami set 1) to clone 'Mega Zone (program code I)' and clones (Konami set 2) to 'Mega Zone (unknown program code 2)', (Kosuka set 1) to 'Mega Zone (program code J)', (Kosuka set 2) to 'Mega Zone (program code H)' and (Interlogic) to 'Mega Zone (unknown program code 1)'. Renamed (megazonec) to (megazoneh), (megazoneb) to (megazonej), (megazonea) to (megazoneb), (megazonei) to (megazonea) and (megazone) to (megazonei).

No other changes of romset name from 0.189 to 0.103 so that's how I said above for this INP (which works).

Who knows how many misplaced replays he has submitted with his eternal, latest nonsense, because he stubbornly has to play over and over with 103 and not check the name changes.
I'm personally giving care to verify his scores only when he dares to place a 1st ranked place.

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Re: snpb - megazone - 14270

Post by Phil Lamat » Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:29 pm

Special rules added for new megazone

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