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MARPaltunnel Wrists
MARPaltunnel Wrists
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Post by zlk » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:08 pm

Jerky's recording always desyncs for me at 1.59m in the maze. If anyone can figure out how to play it back please let me know. ...

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Phil Lamat
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Re: mhavocrv

Post by Phil Lamat » Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:14 pm

I get 1 601 654

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Re: mhavocrv

Post by jerky » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:57 am

Sorry for any confusion.

You need the latest version 1.8 roms from Jess Askey's site which are different than what you find elsewhere on the nets for mhavocrv: ... havoc.html

The trick is that those are just the changes to turn regular Major Havoc Rev 3 into Return to Vax (latest version).

You have to use the Rev 3 romset for mhavoc and merge those new v1.8 roms into that to get it to work : Unzip mhavoc (rev3) to a folder. Then unzip the v1.8 roms into the same folder overwriting some original MH files while adding the latest mhavocrv ones.. Now rezip that and call it mhavocrv.

Mame has not caught up yet but the game will playback fine just with checksum errors for now. V1.8 fixes a bunch of small bugs over the last version that most sites have (for example one of the Jess Askeys levels after level 16 was unplayable b4 this fix)

Jess Askey is working with Owen Rubin and others to make a final version of the game with an actual homeworld finale (+other goodies and new levels from 17-24). So v1.8 is just a practice version of what's to come for now. Keep an eye out around CAX 2018.

The Major Havoc Level editor should have some big improvements coming out soon according to Jess (may have issues on newer Win 10 machines for now) :::

Happy Gaming!

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