pp Game of Sunset Riders 2 (bootleg 4 Players ver ADD)

Discussion of playback questions / problems. Any recording where people have playback problems should appear here.

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Re: pp Game of Sunset Riders 2 (bootleg 4 Players ver ADD)

Post by PP. » Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:52 pm

Mr. Kelly R. Flewin wrote:
As someone who did a shit ton of volunteer work for another organization long ago [which shall not be mentioned]... allow me to expound this simple bit of advice.


This is a volunteer run site... meaning no one does this for pay. The fine folks assisting here do this out of the kindness of their own hearts and with what free time they have available to offer. Some things will appear to be done instantaneously, others may seem to take a while.

It's also Summer, which means vacations, family time, and the other obvious.. work.

Things will be taken care of in due course, but constantly bringing it up will just make it less of a desirable thing to look into... may even make it take even LONGER to happen.

As you have plainly seen, there's an insane amount more roms that DO work, that you can focus your aim on in the mean time.

Better an unfortunate wait, then there being no site at all.
I' m not in hurry, so you don't need to use capitals.
Just a simple question, because I see some inps fixed immediately and some others not. A simple answer would be enough.

About ssriders2, looks like we can have a score for first stage only.

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Re: pp Game of Sunset Riders 2 (bootleg 4 Players ver ADD)

Post by Phil Lamat » Mon Aug 29, 2016 2:34 pm

PP. wrote: But I wonder, are mods/editors on vacation?
Concerning me, yes I was, and it was good.
I will look into last posts sooner .. or later (I have some work which is waiting for me at home)

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