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Re: T15 - Games selection

Post by giro-X » Sat Sep 17, 2016 8:48 am

Alright, so, as described in the Rules thread, today I am making the random extraction of games.
The tournament will start TOMORROW. (You can see the countdown in my signature. If it says "Countdown to start", it has to start, if it will say "Countdown to end", it means it's started. Obvious.)
Once again I'll repeat the process: I'll be recording myself doing the extraction (since I can't stream, weak upload speed), I'll first extract 5 genres, then, for each genre I'll extract a game (if genre has one game listed, no need of extraction, obvious). They must be all 5 different choices.
Then, I will choose myself a 6th game, that differs from others in genre, manufacturer, release year. (I'll help myself with websites and my little bit of arcade knowledge)

1st group extracted: Shooter
2nd group extracted: Platform
3rd group extracted: Maze
4th group extracted: Fighter
5th group extracted: Driving
6th game: *chosen by coordinator*

GAME 1 - phoenixa - Phoenix (Centuri, set 1)
1980, Amstar/Centuri

GAME 2 - wboy2 - Wonder Boy (set 2, 315-5178)
1986 Escape/SEGA

GAME 3 - lrescue - Lunar Rescue
1979 Taito

GAME 4 - kuniokunb - Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Japan bootleg)
1986 Technos/Taito America (bootleg)

GAME 5 - shangon - Super Hang-On (sitdown/upright) (unprotected)
> Condition: Junior course
1987 SEGA

GAME 6 - blocken - Blocken (Japan)
1994 KID/Visco

This post will be submitted while still recording, so to have proof I am not doing infinite tries.
(I know all this process is not really needed, but you know, I want to be fair and demonstrate it)
The video will be uploaded shortly (remember, I have slow upload speed)

EDIT: fixed typos, made it easier to read.

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