Tournament - ST03 (Spectrum)

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Tournament - ST03 (Spectrum)

Post by Alex_Lux » Fri Aug 22, 2003 10:56 am

This message is about tournament (with playback file for score verification) but it's not MAME...

... it's ZX Spectrum !
I can't 'find' better group here (on MARP) so I'm posting here as I think it's interesting enough...


Third tournament in games for ZX Spectrum starts on September 15th and lasts up to December 1st. Event is similar to Snipercade's Deca (top score gets 100 pts,...), players can sign up for Tour before October 6th, while 'Games Selection Poll' lasts to September 7th. Games are grouped in genres (platform, shoot'em up, racing, maze,...) so only true all-rounder can win event. Playback files (analogy to INP in MAME) are very well secured from violations (speed, hoarding, crypting etc.). Detailed information (and registering form) can be found on:

If you are curious to see how 'nominated' games look like (screenshots), go directly to .

ATM we have 50 players signed up, 'Frankie' from MARP is not only competitor, bbut founder of whole ST idea ! (last year he finished 6th, so if you find this Compo challenging enough or finds nominated games interesting, step in and enjoy in party :) )

Thanks for your attention,
Aleksandar, Tour Director

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